About Us

We Provide Dental Solutions of the Highest Quality



Established in 1980, Eastland Dental Supplies Pte Ltd has a long family tradition of providing excellent service and high-quality dental products to our valued customers.


Being one of the leading dental suppliers in Singapore we carry over 40 renowned brands. Offering the widest choice ranging from the most economical top-quality disposables and consumables to essential equipment, from unique dental art to dependable dental units, we are a one-stop provider for all your dental needs

We have members of our team who have over 30 years of rapport with our clients. Each member of our team is motivated to provide our esteemed partners in dentistry with the best of products, information, and services. We believe in building a strong trusting relationship by providing them the highest level of satisfaction. Indeed we value our customers more as our partners and friends. To keep up with the fast pace of the latest innovations, we form that vital link to connect them with the best solutions.



In 2012, the Board of Governers presented us the "Spirit of Enterprise" award in recognition of our Commitment to Honour and Inspire 
In 2013, the Asia Business Journal bestowed upon us their hightest award, the "APBA Coup de'Salute"
In 2014, we were presented with the "Singapore Quality Brands" award as a mark of robust Brand Performance and Exceptional Service Delivery


We are also on the Executive Committee of the Association of Medical Device Industry (AMDI). Being the first and only dental supplier to be honored with these prestigious awards, we are both committed and inspired to continue maintaining our exemplary track record through our continuous efforts and dedication to providing excellent customer service.

With a mission to provide the best possible solution to the dental fraternity, our vision is to establish a leading edge as the top dental supplier in Singapore and Asia Pacific region.